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  5. Apple Watch ‘Companion’ app reveals slew of smart watch details

Apple Watch ‘Companion’ app reveals slew of smart watch details

Apple Watch ‘Companion’ app reveals slew of smart watch details

A string of new Apple Watch features have been revealed after the Mac fanatics at 9to5mac dug deeper into the latest beta release of iOS 8.2 and discovered a wealth of information via the smartwatch’s dedicated iPhone app.

First spotted earlier this week, the app, known officially as the Apple Watch Companion, allows in-depth control of the smartwatch via Apple’s iPhone.

Until now, what we’ve known about the Apple Watch has largely been drawn from Apple’s own official blurb.

But the app lays bare for the first time just how fully featured the device is going to be compared to rival products.

Among the revelations is that users will be able to rearrange apps on the watch’s home screen via a virtual view on their iPhone.

There’s also the option to add an initialed monogram to make the watch face more personalised.

A red dot can be added to the watch’s home screen too, which will flash every time your iPhone gets a notification too.

In terms of messaging, the Companion app offers the option to switch between sending a dictated transcript or an audio file.

This is because the Apple Watch does not feature a keyboard on which to tap out missives.

The much–heralded Taptic Engine can be switched off when using the on board maps service, disabling the buzzes which are delivered whenever you need to make a left or right turn.

Other accessibility features include the choice to have text spoken to you from the device’s screen and even the option to switch to greyscale mode, presumably to save battery.

Apple will offer a passcode feature with its watch too, with the ability to unlock the watch via an iPhone when it’s on the wrist.

Data will be wiped after 10 incorrect passcode attempts.

And in big news for fitness fans, Apple is offering the option to have the watch tell you how long you’ve been inactive and even tell you how active you’ve been at select intervals.

Every Monday you can choose to have a weekly summary pushed to your wrist.

Apple is rumoured to be readying the Apple Watch for release in March, according to latest rumours.

The company has previously said the device will be available from early 2015.



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