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Samsung Galaxy S6: Five key new details

Samsung Galaxy S6: Five key new details

The next–generation Galaxy S flagship has been the subject of a flurry of new rumours since the start of 2015, finally delivering more details on what we can expect from the phone Samsung has so much resting on.

As ever, though, the gossip is disparate and keeps coming in from different sources.

So, we’ve pulled together the five key new details we’ve garnered from the latest chatter.

Read on and we’ll tell you all the biggest new points of interest about the Samsung Galaxy S6.

1 Quad HD 2K screen

user agent profile galaxy s6

Some people are so desperate for information on the Galaxy S6 that they’ve been scrabbling around in the back end of the company’s website.

The juiciest morsel, discovered in a user agent profile meant only for content providers and developers, shows that Samsung is planning a Quad HD 2K screen.

That’s a massive upgrade on the already impressive Super AMOLED effort found in last year’s Galaxy S5.

It would also bring it up to scratch with sworn rival LG’s G3.

2 Reworked fingerprint scanner

samsung galaxy s5 mini sensor

The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner was a poor take on the now essential smartphone security function.

Its swipe-to-unlock action was ungainly and compared badly to Apple’s accurate Touch ID module.

So, Samsung looks set to change to a ‘press-on’ design, like Apple’s effort according to supply-chain rumours.

This could lead to accusations of ‘me too’ copying, but if it’s serious about security and mobile payments, it’s a move that needs to be made

3 Metal and glass frame

samsung galaxy alpha camera detail

It’s been widely accepted that Samsung would be ditching the cheap plastic feel of its Galaxy S5 for its next upgrade.

Its Galaxy A series has blazed a trail in this regard, with a metal design that won plaudits from tech scribes and punters.

The S6 looks set to build further on those positive notices, with a metal frame and glass front and back, similar to Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The lack of a premium feel is widely believed to have caused the Galaxy S5’s poor sales in late 2014, with rivals releasing better looking kit at cheaper prices.

4 Beefed-up camera

samsung galaxy s5 zoom leak

We’re hearing more and more rumours that Samsung will boost the camera modules in the Galaxy S6.

2015’s rumours have reiterated the same story as last year: that Samsung will utilise a 20 megapixel camera round the back, boosting the flash and adding a five megapixel lens up front for improved selfies.

That means we’re also likely to see Samsung’s suite of selfie–assistance apps bundled with the device.

5 Curved screen?

samsung galaxy round flexible

One rumour that just will not die centres on Samsung’s plans for a curved screen edition of the Galaxy S6.

Unlike last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, any Galaxy S6 Edge model will feature curves on both sides of the device, opening up new areas of screen real estate for developers to work with.

Such a version is likely to be expensive and trailed simply as a way of showing Samsung’s continuing innovation.

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