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Android Pay set for summer launch

Android Pay set for summer launch

Google is plotting a new Android Pay mobile payments tool and will reveal its plans at its annual I/O event in May. Sources have told Ars Technica that the new service will not replace its existing Google Wallet product.

Instead, Google will offer an API to developers so they can build a mobile payment solution directly into their apps, allowing users to pay via NFC when they go into shops.

This differs hugely from Google Wallet and the rival Apple Pay platform, which offer a central hub for credit and debit cards. Word is that Android Pay will be able to draw banking information from Google Wallet to help smooth the process of adding personal details to new apps.

Apple Pay has proved a huge success since its launch at the end of 2014 in the US and has also helped Google Wallet to surge, with a growing awareness among consumers about mobile payments.

It’s not yet clear when Android Pay will launch and if it will have a global presence. Google is not said to have signed on with any partners, meaning it could be some time before we see the service go live.


Ars Technica

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