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MWC 2015: What's on the way from Microsoft?

MWC 2015: What's on the way from Microsoft?

Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia and its recently revealed plans for Windows 10 mean that it’s going to be a big presence at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015.

The Big M is purportedly readying two new Lumia phones for launch at MWC, both running the latest Windows 10 software for smartphones.

This would make them the first phones to have the new OS.

However, neither device is thought to be a flagship phone.

nokia lumia 1020 review 1

Instead Microsoft is said to be pitching them to the mid–range market as it looks to muscle in on territory currently occupied by the likes of HTC and Samsung and increasingly local manufacturers in emerging markets.

It’s a long shot, but Microsoft could also wheel out its much–hyped McLaren flagship phone.

Oft–rumoured, this device is said to be the successor to Nokia’s superb Lumia 1020, featuring a Pure View camera that is said to put the competition seriously in the shade.

Leaked images show a device larger than an iPhone 6 with a huge protruding lens to house the camera’s sensor and lens.

This phone, also known as the Lumia 1030, is said to have a Full HD screen and feature 32GB of storage.

lumia 1020 successor mclaren

Chances are, though, that Microsoft will keep it under wraps and reveal all at a dedicated event rather than MWC.

MWC is, however, likely to see Microsoft explain more about how its new Windows 10 software will work on mobile.

The company held a huge event last month to detail just how the new OS works, but it’ll doubtless want to show off more to assembled hacks.

The OS is due to be a free upgrade to those packing phones running Windows Phone 8.1.

The big deal here is the fact that desktop apps such as Office will run seamlessly between phone and desktop, with the phone edition not simply being a pared back take on the main event.

action centre windows 10

Expect Microsoft to talk this up extensively as it looks to counter strides made by Google in the cloud office space and try and convince users that switching to Windows Phone isn’t the colossal pain that many perceive it to be.

There’s no specific date for Windows 10’s release on phones, so hopefully MWC might deliver some more details in that regard too.

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