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Samsung Galaxy S6 battery snapped

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery snapped

The battery for the Samsung Galaxy S6 has leaked. And if the photo is genuine, it will be less powerful than the battery for the Galaxy S5.

A snap of the 2,600mAh battery turned up on Chinese social network Weibo. Its capacity squares with previous reports.

So how do we know it's for the S6? The battery for the S5 (model number SM-900) bore the model number EB-BG900BBC.

The model number for this battery is EB-BG925ABE. Considering the Galaxy S Edge is said to have the model number SM-925X, we can deduce this will power the S6 range.

It's likely Samsung will use the lower capacity model in order to shave precious millimetres off its next flagship.

It doesn't necessarily mean the S6 will have worse battery life. It will use Samsung's own 14nm chipset, which is more power efficient, and run Android Lollipop, which brings its own battery life gains.

Samsung will unveil the S6 on March 1st at Mobile World Congress. Then all the rumours will be laid to rest.



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