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Apple TV: App Store set to come to set top box

Apple TV: App Store set to come to set top box

The App Store finally looks set to make the jump from iPhone and iPad to Apple TV, after a new report claimed that the Cupertino company is readying a new version of its set top box for launch this summer.

Buzzfeed claims sources said Apple will reveal an all–new Apple TV at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The device will not only pack App Store support, but also come with another iPhone favourite, Siri.

The move should mean that you’ll be able to download your favourite apps onto your box and also play the latest iPhone games on your telly too. The latter is likely to be a huge draw, despite rivals such as the Amazon Fire TV already offering a similar service.

If true, it puts an end to years of speculation about when we’d be seeing some of the iPhones key features come to a product that has been oft–overlooked.

Apple TV now lags well behind the competition, but bringing games and Siri to the party could inject life into the product.

Word is that Apple is also going to bake HomeKit control into the new Apple TV too, letting you control everything from light switches to the toaster via your telly.

And you can bet that the iPhone will have an interface to tie everything together in one neat package. The box is likely to pack the same A8 chipset as the iPhone 6, with a boost in storage from the current 8GB.

This latest news comes amid rumours that Apple is working on its own TV streaming service, with major US networks on board.

WWDC will most likely be held at the start of June in San Francisco.



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