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  5. HTC exec defends decision to omit 2K screen from HTC One M9

HTC exec defends decision to omit 2K screen from HTC One M9

HTC exec defends decision to omit 2K screen from HTC One M9

HTC revealed its latest flagship phone, the HTC One M9, at Mobile World Congress on Sunday. And to the delight of fully paid-up fans, the handset addressed many of the minor criticisms of the much-lauded, last-gen One M8.

But while the camera has been improved to 20 megapixels and the Sense user interface has acquired a handy Google Now-style digital assistant dimension, the screen hasn't had the sort of upgrade you might expect.

Not least because HTC opted to shun QuadHD/2K display tech in favour of the Super LCD 3 technology that featured in the One M8..

The move was especially surprising given that competitors have moved on to QuadHD/2K technology, with last year's LG G3 and the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

uSwitch asked Graham Wheeler, Director of Commercialisation Product Management at HTC, why HTC opted for 'last-year's' screen technology when a newer, better option was available.

"When designing the phone, we looked at the entire experience and we found for this device [M9] - it was better with the HD screen," Wheeler said.

"We had a beautiful screen from the HTC One M8, and we felt it was offering a brilliant experience on this device as well.

"We've utilised the same Super LCD 3 display, with the screen laminations of the M8."

htc one m9 rear rob

Asked if we could see a 2K screen from HTC this year, Wheeler was equivocal.

"I can't comment on future roadmaps, but we look at all technology," he said.

That wasn’t an outright, definitive 'no' – so watch this space from HTC.

But we think we now probably won't get a 2K screen-toting HTC device until next year.

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