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Apple iOS 8.3 gets official release

Apple iOS 8.3 gets official release

Apple has released the final edition of iOS 8.3, almost a month after it allowed iPhone and iPad users to road test a beta version.

The update to the iPhone software doesn’t make any major changes, but does fix a number of niggles and makes a few cosmetic tweaks that you’re likely to notice if you’re a hardcore user.

The most noticeable change is to emoji settings, with a wider array of faces and family options now on offer for when words just won’t cut it.

In one major on-message update, Apple has changed its computer, phone and watch emojis to look like a Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch respectively.

Users can now change settings to allow for downloading of free apps without having to input their password. And the space bar has been lengthened in the Safari keyboard to try and stop you accidentally tapping the full stop key. The latter is a big win for us.

There’s now also wireless CarPlay support if you have a compatible system in your motor and, interestingly, support for China UnionPay within Apple Pay.

This will not affect UK users directly, but does add heft to ongoing rumours that Apple’s mobile payment system will branch out soon.

You can download iOS 8.3 via the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad now.

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