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Apple results: are they really as amazing as they seem?

Apple results: are they really as amazing as they seem?

It’s been another stellar quarter for Apple.

The Cupertino smashed its quarterly profits record, raking in a massive $13.6 billion, partially on the back of 61.2 million iPhone sales.

After registering the largest profit in global corporate history in the last three months of 2014, the juggernaut rolls on.

There’s no escaping that Apple is still a huge success story.

After a few years where rivals like Samsung looked to be eating into its market share and its profits, Tim Cook’s company has once again become behemoth that seemingly cannot be challenged.

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

Although, is that really the case? The figures for the past two quarters are mind-boggling. We won't deny that.

But they also throw light on periods when the competition was either looking long in the tooth (the end of 2014), or revealing new kit for release at the end of the quarter (early 2015).

This is understandable. Apple’s end-of-year release schedule for the iPhone and iPad have been set in stone since 2010.

Competitors, meanwhile, tend to go for a spring reveal, with some intermediate updates to tide them over at the start of September.

ios 8 iphone 6 reachability

However, the current three-month period is when we can really judge all the major smartphone-makers at once.

By the start of July, we should know financials for Samsung, LG, Apple and HTC for the period from April to June.

Will the Galaxy S6 have helped Samsung turn a corner after it saw profits from its mobile division slide by 75% in the summer of 2014?

Will the LG G4 do enough to keep that company on an upward trajectory? And can HTC’s One M9 pass muster?

More importantly, can the iPhone maintain its frankly ludicrous sales?

lg g4 side on camera

Apple saw an 18 million year on year increase from January to March and it doesn’t appear that anything can stop its progress.

Normally, iPhone sales slip as a new model appears on the horizon.

But the iPhone 6S isn’t expected until October at the earliest, so surely it can keep up its momentum as the day’s grow longer.

The main thing is not to look at Apple’s stats in relation to rivals just yet.

They’re great in isolation, but how do they stack up against the biggest Android-makers?

apple watch big blue

Only time will tell. Perhaps the Apple Watch will help boost iPhone sales.

Or maybe Samsung’s new kit will live up to the hype and sell faster than anything it’s released.

Either way, Apple is storming ahead on its own path. But any judgement now on its performance in 2015 would surely be premature.

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