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iPhone 6S rumours hint at significant upgrade

iPhone 6S rumours hint at significant upgrade

It seems absurd to already be talking about the iPhone 6s, just seven months after the launch of the iPhone 6.

But the rumourmill is already whirring into gear and seems to be pointing towards Apple doing something significant with its next update.

Recent gossip has suggested Apple will reveal three new iPhones this year. iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and a four–inch iPhone 6c to replace both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

But now we’re starting to hear the first tittle tattle about what these devices may feature. And it sounds a lot like this won’t be your average iterative update.

New stories emerging from Apple’s supply chain, which should always be treated with caution, suggest Apple is planning on using the same 7,000 series aluminium from its Apple Watch Sport with its new iPhones.

apple watch big blue

This material is more durable than the alloy currently used and offers greater protection from bumps and scrapes.

It could also see the device weigh less, a growing issue when the size and shape of devices show no sign of changing.

On top of that, recent word from analysts suggested that Apple was planning on including its new Force Touch tech in the next-gen iPhone.

This pressure-led touchscreen tech is already available in the company’s new 12-inch MacBook and stars in the Apple Watch too.

And where better to take it to its full potential than in the company’s best-selling touch-focused product?

iphone 6 back black background

While there are also likely to be internal changes, with improved silicone and a better camera, these tweaks in particular suggest Apple could bin the ‘s’ suffix altogether and go straight to the iPhone 7.

There would be good reason to do so.

The competition in 2015 is greatly improved compared to rival devices released 12 months ago. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is superb and HTC’s One M9 is also earning plaudits.

Throw in LG’s G4 and Apple is going to have to go some to sell the same number of new iPhones as it did in the last three months of 2014.

It’s unlikely to do so, but a beefed up upgrade will doubtless convince some Apple fanatics to ditch their iPhone 6 and go for something newer.

wwdc 2015

We’re not likely to know more about the new iPhones until after Apple’s WWDC event in June, when the rumour mill really does kick into gear.

But it’d be a surprise if Apple opts to release something that looks too much like its current range. Staying at the top is surely priority number one for Tim Cook and co.

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