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Why Samsung looks set to turn the corner with the Galaxy S6

Why Samsung looks set to turn the corner with the Galaxy S6

After a shocking 12 months, Samsung is all set to wrest back control of the smartphone space.

2014 wasn’t just an off year for Samsung. It was little short of a disaster.

Profits in its mobile division slid by almost 75% in the three months from July to September.

And according to market research, it lost its position as the world’s number-one mobile-maker to Apple following the hugely successful launch of the iPhone 6.

There were a number of reasons for the slide.

samsung galaxy s5 hands

The poorly received Galaxy S5 did Samsung no favours, offering little innovation over previous models and looking tired next to rivals.

The company's bloated portfolio of mid range devices left consumers confused and ready to turn elsewhere.

But now, with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge finally going on sale after being extensively trailed and tested by the best in the business, Samsung looks as if it’s about to turn a corner.

According to the company itself, it’s experiencing record demand for its new flagship handsets.

It wouldn’t make a prediction, but mobile watchers believe it will sell in the region of 50 million units of the device in 2015.

Samsung logo at booth

That represents a climb on the 43 million Galaxy S4s sold in 2013, but is still way off the high-water mark of 2012, when it shifted 80 million Galaxy S3 units.

Samsung has also said it believes it will make its highest operating profit in the last three quarters for when its January to March numbers are revealed.

This is down to it using its own silicone in the new Galaxy S6, rather than relying on Qualcomm.

Throw in the fact that demand for the pricier Galaxy S6 Edge is set to outstrip supply and you can see clear signs that Samsung is well on its way back to being relevant and, more importantly for the bean counters in Korea, a lot more profitable.

The S6 Edge is set to outmuscle is regular-screened stablemate if pre-orders via uSwitch Tech are anything to go by.

iphone 6 large side on

The boost is surely down to the fact that both the S6 and S6 Edge are superbly crafted phones, clearly the best Android handsets available at the moment.

Samsung has rightly dialled down the bloatware and created devices that are great to use and offer a series of top end features that match or better rival models.

Only time will tell if it can claw back market share from Apple.

Its likely it will outsell its California-based competitor over the summer, with Apple not due to release its iPhone 6s and rumoured iPhone 6c until autumn.

But if Samsung can return with more top-end treats at the same time, it may find its heyday isn’t over just yet.

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