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  5. Apple snaps up another GPS company

Apple snaps up another GPS company

Apple snaps up another GPS company

Apple has acquired another small GPS mapping company, with the apparent intention of boosting its iOS mapping app.

San Francisco-based Coherent Navigation specialises in so–called High Integrity GPS, which is also known as iGPS.

This tech allows mapping tools to work out a user's location to within inches, improving directions and location–based services.

It's able to do so thanks to a connection with low–earth satellites, which allows for far better accuracy than that found in current GPS tracking.

While Apple has confirmed that it has bought Coherent, it is refusing to say why it’s snapped up the company or what exactly the staff it has co–opted are working on.

However, having spent the past few years buying mapping specialists such as Broadmap and Pin Drop, it seems likely that Coherent will have a key role to play in the further development of Apple Maps.

Apple Maps is expected to be given an overhaul in iOS 9, which is due to be revealed at next month’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Reports have suggested the new version of Apple Maps will finally come with public transit directions built in, as well as a slew of general improvements.



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