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  5. Boris Bike app lands on iOS and Android

Boris Bike app lands on iOS and Android

Boris Bike app lands on iOS and Android

Like using Boris bikes for getting from A to B around London, but tired of the clunky way you need to use your credit card to access a ride? Even more annoyed at having to second guess whether there'll be space at your destination to park the bike you've hired?

Well, at last, there’s an app to fix those glitches. Santander Cycles, for iOS and Android, lets you pay for rides via your mobile.

You can choose what sort of pass you want and you're given a unique code that you'll need to access a bike from a docking station.

What’s more, the app will tell you where your nearest docking station is, help you plot our journey across town and even tell you whether there are spaces to dock your bike when you reach your destination.

Best of all, you can see exactly how long you’ve had the bike out for, so any extra charges should be a thing of the past and easy to dispute if Transport for London comes knocking.

It comes as Santander takes over sponsorship from Barclays and should finally make the service a lot less awkward to use.

Of course, NFC support at docking stations would be better. That way you could pay with your phone or contactless card without any hassle.

Just remember to stick a helmet on if you do take a ride. Those London roads are not for faint-hearted.


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