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  5. iOS 9 set to feature dedicated Home app

iOS 9 set to feature dedicated Home app

iOS 9 set to feature dedicated Home app

iOS 9, Apple’s forthcoming update for its iPhone and iPad operating system, is set to feature a new Home app that's designed to control everything from lightbulbs to toasters to door locks.

The app, based on the company’s HomeKit platform, is being tested by Apple staff, according to insiders with knowledge of the company’s plans.

It may even make an appearance at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015, which starts on June 8th in San Francisco.

It’s believed the Home app will have a virtual representation of each room in the home, allowing for easy set-up of HomeKit-compatible kit.

Word is it will even be able to use Apple TV as a hub for controlling HomeKit products.

HomeKit was launched by Apple at last year’s WWDC but has failed to take off in the year since.

The software is part of Apple’s attempt to cash in on the growing development of the smart home and the so–called internet of things, AKA Wi–Fi connected products that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Apple said earlier this month that the first HomeKit products would be on shelves in June, refuting rumours that products were delayed due to issues with its base code.



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