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  5. LG G4c: Five things you need to know

LG G4c: Five things you need to know

LG G4c: Five things you need to know

One new LG phone not enough for you? Well, if you like the look of the spanking new G4, but can’t face stumping up for that pricey new handset, LG has come up with an alternative.

Dubbed the LG G4c, it’s a stripped down version of the sleek new handset, with the same looks as its swankier stablemate.

Interested? Then read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about LG's mid-range contender.

1 Smaller screen

lg g4c leak

The 5.5–inch display on the LG G4 has had tech fans cooing thanks to its super high QHD resolution.

The G4c is slightly smaller, although still phablet-sized at 5-inches. Its resolution, however, is significantly lower, at just 720p.

That’s still HD though, and will be fine for watching back movies and hi-def YouTube clips.

2 Half the camera

lg g4 camera

The G4’s 16-megapixel peeper has been pared back to just eight megapixels.

That means it won’t reel off snaps to the same standard as the company’s flagship effort, but should still be fine for on-the-fly shooting.

Plus, there’s a more-than-ample five-megapixel effort up front for selfies.

Not as slick as the eight-megapixel front-facer on the G4, sure, but fine for late-night snaps of you and your pals.

3 Same rear button design

lg g4 back

The rear-mounted controls which have become a byword for LG phones over the past year are once again in evidence in the G4c.

That means the volume controls and power button sit snugly around the camera lens and can be easily reached while resting your hand on the back of the device.

4 MicroSD included


LG appears to be flying the flag for microSD support, after big name rival Samsung went cold on expandable storage and dropped it for the new Galaxy S6.

Like the G4, the G4c offers the chance to boost space with a card for movies, music and apps.

That’s handy as the 8GB of on board space is hardly enough when the Android operating system takes up so much space these days and is only getting bigger with each update.

5 Out early June

lg retail store

According to reports in Germany, the LG G4c will get a European release in the first week of June.

It may prove tempting for consumers who are in the market for a budget edition of the G4, especially as that particular device costs a fortune and hasn’t stacked up too well in reviews compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.

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