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Apple Maps vans spotted in UK

Apple Maps vans spotted in UK

The first Apple mapping vehicles have been spotted in the UK, a week after Apple revealed it would be using camera–loaded cars to photograph a series of locations across the country.

The Apple Maps–branded van was seen in Solihull. Last week, Apple said it would be concentrating its mapping efforts in and around London and Birmingham, as well as throughout Essex, Kent and the West Midlands.

The move is being seen as an attempt by Apple to create its own version of Google’s Street View, which has become the dominant service for getting real-life views of destinations.

It has not said when its street view maps will go live. During its iOS 9 WWDC keynote, Apple revealed that the next update to its Maps app would feature public transport directions, a feature which has been missing since the service launched in 2012.

Apple has already begun mapping major US cities, but appears to have a long way to go before matching the sheer breadth of Google’s offering.



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