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  5. Apple Watch 2: why rumours point to hugely improved device this time around

Apple Watch 2: why rumours point to hugely improved device this time around

Apple Watch 2: why rumours point to hugely improved device this time around

It’s only a few days since Apple finally started selling its much–in–demand smartwatch in its high street stores, after two months of the device being an online–only affair.

But already we’re starting to get the first wave of legitimate Apple Watch 2 gossip, as Cupertino fanatics the world over gear up for at least a year of rumour, counter–rumour and tittle tattle.

In general, this kind of gossip can be divided into two camps.

First up, we've got the Chinese supply chain chatter that is grist to the rumour mill.

Apple store spiral staircase

Then we've got the more clued-in reports from respected news outlets.

Fortunately, the Apple Watch 2 plans come from the latter. 9to5mac is known for being on the money with its sources, regularly breaking big stories related to the Cupertino company.

Its Apple Watch 2 story has multiple sources, which is always a good sign.

So, what do we know? Well perhaps most excitingly, it seems that Apple is plotting a FaceTime video camera for its next–gen smartwatch.

This will apparently enable video calls from your wrist, building on plans it revealed at WWDC for FaceTime audio and the ability to remotely route video calls from the current watch to an iPhone.

iphone facetime

The latter features form part of watchOS 2, out later this year.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Apple is also said to be working on a new feature called ‘tether-less’, designed to make the watch less dependent on a connected iPhone.

With native watch apps forming a core part of watchOS 2, this comes as no surprise. It seems Apple wants to allow messaging, email and data access from the watch without having to connect to a handset.

This will be facilitated by a beefed up chipset for the new watch.

Battery life is said to be of little concern, with Apple’s own research showing users finish the day with between 30 and 40% juice left.

iphone battery drain

That suggests it doesn’t want to compromise the design by using a larger power unit.

Obviously this is just the start of a long, sustained period of rumour mongering. But these updates and tweaks seem likely.

Why? Because they’re not absurdly ambitious. Apple is never one to go overboard, loading its device with untested tech that’s likely to fail or bring a lack of stability to its phones.

They’re also eminently achievable. Making the next version of the Apple Watch more independent makes sense.

apple watch edition

Adding video calling gives it enough futuristic gravitas to pull in new customers.

Of course, the Apple Watch 2 is unlikely to go on sale until well into 2016. But already we’re looking at a product that will be able to excite and entice beyond the current model.

Perhaps not what you want to hear if you’ve just bought one, but new models are inevitable. Especially when it comes to Apple.

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