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Apple Watch reserve and pick up goes live

Apple Watch reserve and pick up goes live

Keen on an Apple Watch? Well, from today, June 17th, Apple is allowing you to reserve selected models on its website, before going to your local Apple store to collect your new smartwatch.

The move comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed plans last month to start Apple Watch sales in its high street stores.

Until now, would-be buyers have only been able to trial the device in–store, before being sent away to order one online, sometimes waiting months for delivery.

The reserve and pick up option is only available on a number of Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch models. Those after specific combinations are being advised to check the Apple online store for availability.

Apple Watch Edition customers will need to arrange an appointment to try the wallet busting version of the timepiece.

The staggered launch of the Apple Watch saw the Cupertino company take a new approach, offering the device on pre–order before starting general online sales two weeks later.

It’s believed that Apple’s hand was forced by constrained supply. One report suggested the company had to bin a large number of completed devices due to issues with the Taptic Engine.

Total Apple Watch sales are likely to have been affected. It’s thought more than two million were sold over the device’s first weekend of availability.



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