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Flexible screens to arrive on the iPhone in 2018?

Flexible screens to arrive on the iPhone in 2018?

We've had the iPhones that accidentally bend in your pocket and in the name of rudimentary science experiments on YouTube. As Apple well knows, these devices weren't exactly well-received.

But what if your phone was actually meant to look like a banana? If its curves and bends were included as a design feature, rather than due to an embarrassing product flaw? Surely the response would be a little more positive.

A Business Korea source claims flexible screen technology is already on the way and could land on the iPhone within three years.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on a curved display for some time, with the emergence of a patent in 2013 only fanning the flames of conjecture.

The industry insider revealed major Korean display manufacturers are actively pursuing Apple, hoping to be chosen to build flexible screens for future iPhones.

Crucially, it appears Apple welcomes the courting. The Cupertino firm is said to be "serious" about using organic light-emitting diode screens for its smartphones, similar to those introduced with Apple Watch earlier this year.

Apple store spiral staircase

Apple believes the technology can improve colour saturation, accuracy, and brightness on its iPhone displays, offering an additional selling point for the devices.

With Force Touch technology rumoured to be coming with the iPhone 6S, curved screens wouldn't represent such a giant leap for Apple.

So when the source claims Apple's display suppliers are already working on flexible iPhones, and the first models could be introduced in 2018, who are we to argue?

If and when they appear, the iPhone curves will be intentional and consumers will know exactly what they are signing up for.

Cue the complaints about flattened screens and rigid edges, à la iPhone 4, no doubt.


Business Korea

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