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iPad Pro specs found in iOS 9 code

iPad Pro specs found in iOS 9 code

The iPad Pro, Apple’s oft–rumoured super–sized tablet, could have a screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels with 265 pixels per inch. That’s as well as a keyboard that scales to fit the larger display of the device.

The inside info has been unearthed by developers digging around in the code of the newly released dev version of iOS 9.

Steven Troughton–Smith discovered that Apple has baked a scalable keyboard into iOS 9, which can be made larger and offers a rejigged button configuration. This appears to be a clear pointer towards a larger device, as no current iOS 9 products require such a keyboard.

What’s more, developer Hiraku Wang has extrapolated from the keyboard’s dimensions that Apple will use a 2732 x 2048 resolution, doubling the 1366 x 372 keyboard size.

That’s on the basis that Apple already uses a 2x high resolution modifier. This points towards a screen measuring 12.93–inches, which aligns with previous rumours.

Until now, concrete evidence of the iPad Pro has been hard to come by. Gossip from supply-chain sources has claimed that Apple will base the device on a new A9 chipset, with NFC for contactless payments, Force Touch and possibly even USB–C coming as standard.

A release date is not yet clear, although 2016 now seems likely.



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