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iPhone 6C rumours, specs, price and release date round-up

iPhone 6C rumours, specs, price and release date round-up

The four-inch screen-toting, plastic iPhone 5C was what people in the film industry used to call a ‘sleeper hit’.

Derided on its release it sold slowly. But eventually found favour with millions of punters who don’t care for the new generation of smartphones with monster proportions.

The handset also played well with old-school Apple apostles who preferred the iPhone 5C’s Pop! colour options to the blingy gold iPhone 5S and its 'vulgar' chamfered edges.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps not too surprising that rumours of a sequel are looming.

So what’s the dealio this time around? What’s new? What’s not so new? Here’s what the tech rumour mill thinks…

iPhone 6C? iPhone 6S Mini? What's it called?

Early-doors speculation suggested Apple would opt for the name '6S Mini'.

Looking for information about the iPhone 6S instead? Read all the speculation that's circulating in our one-stop round up: iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus rumours, specs, price & release date round-up.

But that seems to have been replaced of late by 'iPhone 6C'. So iPhone 6C, it is then. Probably.

iPhone 6C release date rumours

Apple store spiral staircase

When’s it launching? And more importantly, when can you buy it?

Expect it along in September along with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Well placed sources claim that the iPhone 6C is part of a triple-whammy of new iPhones dropping at the same press event during the second week of September.

That figures in many respects. In fact, the only reason we’d question a triumvirate of launches is that it’s likely to put back-breaking pressure on Apple’s supply chain.

And given how its manufacturing partners have struggled to keep up with demand in other years when only two new phones were released, you’ve got to wonder if Apple may elect to keep the 6C back.

August has been mooted too, though

Some claim Apple will throw the formbook out of the window this year and hold its iPhone launch event in August instead of the firmly established September window.

If that’s so, it’s not an unreasonable assumption that any August will be marked by the arrival of the iPhone 6C alongside its more lushly specc’d stablemates.

iPhone 6C design rumours

iphone 6c mock up

That the iPhone 6C will be smaller than the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, is a given. But how much smaller?

Will Apple once again stick with the plastic build that polarised fans? And will we an iPhone 5C-style array of colours?

Here’s what we think we know. And a soupcon of what uSwitch Tech thinks could happen.

Expect the same colours as the iPhone 5C

iphone 5c family

The iPhone 5C comes in a choice of blue, pink, green and white. That we’ll be seeing some of these again this year appears to have been confirmed by leaked parts.

That said, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that for the 6C Apple will drop in a new primary colour option to freshen things up.

But we’re more certain that there won’t be gold and black versions, given that these seem to be crucial means by which Apple distinguishes its cheaper phones from its premium models.

Using the same rationale, we’re even more sure that the rose gold colourway Apple debuted on the eye-wateringly expensive Edition version of the Apple Watch won’t be one of the 6C’s colour option.

Life in plastic. It’s fantastic

iphone 5c back cover yellow

Leaked shells from Apple’s supply chain indicate that the 6C will once again feature a polycarbonate plastic construction.

That’s good news if you like a splash a colour with your smartphone and prefer a lighter handset that won’t sit like a brick in your pocket.

It’s less good news if you favour iPhones because of their more usual premium glass and aluminium construction.

iPhone 6C display rumours

What kind of eye-stroking screen-tech’s on board? More importantly, how big is the display, exactly?

Four to the floor

So far there’s nothing to suggest that the 6C will be larger than the 5C.

Four-inches seems to be the optimum phone size for folk who shun the newer, larger breed of so-called phablets. For that reason there’s no chance Apple will elongate the 6C.

iPhone 6C camera rumours

iphone 5c camera

How many megapixels? What’s the flash like? What time is love? How soon is now? We’ll answer some – but not all – of these questions below.

It’s gr8 when you’re straight. Yeah.

The word from insiders is that the 6C will feature the same specs as the iPhone 5S.

Assuming that’s so for the camera, it’ll come in at eight megapixels with a ƒ/2.2 aperture to maximise light. Around the front, expect a 1.2-megapixel number.

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