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Nokia getting back into phones next year

Nokia getting back into phones next year

Nokia will once again make mobile phones, it has emerged, after its CEO revealed plans to bring its devices business back online in 2016.

After the Finnish phone-maker was acquired by Microsoft in a multi–billion dollar deal, Nokia was legally barred from making or selling handsets until 2016.

Now with the end date looming CEO Rajeev Suri says Nokia will be looking to return to the business where it was so successful at the soonest opportunity.

In an interview with Manager Magazin in Germany, Suri said: "We will look for suitable partners. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license."

That means that rather than selling the handsets directly, it would make them on behalf of another firm who wanted to leverage a brand which was once one the most valuable in the world.

Only last month, Nokia shot down rumours it was working on a new smartphone, saying it had “no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets".

Nokia has already made moves towards selling devices in the wake of its deal with Microsoft. Its N1 tablet, powered by Google Android, went on sale in China last year.

How any new Nokia phone will look and what OS it will use remains unclear. But with the Lumia name sold to Microsoft, expect something different from its last handsets.



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