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  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 landing before end of year, says source

Samsung Galaxy S7 landing before end of year, says source

Samsung Galaxy S7 landing before end of year, says source

As rumours go, it's a fairly wild one. Possibly way off the mark. But reports over in South Korea suggest Samsung is lining up a shock entrance for the Galaxy S7, months ahead of schedule.

Samsung is widely expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 5 handset before the iPhone 6S lands later this year, but an 'insider source' claims the tech giant has another trick up its sleeve.

Speaking to Newsis, the unnamed tittle-tattler revealed Samsung has started work on the Galaxy S7 two to three months ahead of schedule, with a view to an accelerated launch.

Samsung logo at booth

Theoretically, the new model could hit the shelves before the end of 2015, just in time for the Christmas rush.

This would mark a break from convention for Samsung, which has historically waited until the spring to launch new Galaxy S models.

Lest we all get carried away, it's worth pointing out that Samsung typically works on a 12-month production cycle. And to this end, has always strictly adhered to its policy of releasing a single Galaxy S handset every year (that's discounting last year's S6 Edge variant).

Having only arrived in April, the Galaxy S6 has barely got its feet under the table.

Then there's the small matter of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which Samsung is reported to be working on right now. If @onleaks is to be believed, the beefed-up handset - with its alluring 5.5-inch screen - could arrive within the next few months.

So naturally, we're taking all this with a pinch of salt. Samsung might just flood the market with a series of snazzy new handsets this autumn. But equally, it might not.

Naturally, the gadget-maker is eager to take on Apple and counter enthusiasm for the upcoming iPhone 6S, but it remains to be seen which tactics it adopts. Altering its development timetable in response to its main rival is just one of Samsung's options.

It's possible it hasn't made its own mind up about the Galaxy S7 just yet; it could be hedging its bets. All we can do is wait and see.


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