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  5. Apple Pay: TfL warns iPhone owners not to travel with low battery

Apple Pay: TfL warns iPhone owners not to travel with low battery

Apple Pay: TfL warns iPhone owners not to travel with low battery

Yesterday’s Apple Pay launch seemed to have been as smooth as David Niven and Terry Thomas enjoying a Martini and discussing their latest conquests. But while shops seemed to be fully au fait, it seems that when it came to using Apple Pay for Tube travel, things weren't anything like as silky.

So much so that in the wake of a slew of stroppy user testimonies on Twitter, today Transport for London (TfL) has issued a warning for iPhone and Apple Watch owners not to use the service to pay for their travel if they’re running low on battery.

Ostensibly Apple Pay users should simply have been able to swipe their phone or smartwatch over the reader at entry and exit gates to pay for their travel. So just like an Oyster card, then.

However, TfL’s warning comes after a fair few Tube users whose battery expired mid-journey were unable to ‘complete’ their journey by ‘tagging out’ at their destination.

This triggers a fine, leaving the commuters paying well over the odds for their travel. Ity could mean you’re hit with the maximum fare of £8.80. Or you could be charged twice.

Worse still, if a prosecution arises from your non-payment you’re looking at a financial penalty of £80 and possibly a criminal record.

tube gates

Whichever way you look at it, that’s pretty irksome. And pretty far from the convenience that Apple Pay is supposed to bring.

TfL said: "[Before you travel] you should check that you have enough battery on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete your journey.

"[In the event that] it runs out of battery in the middle of a rail journey, you will not be able to touch out at the end and could be charged a maximum fare.

"[If] an inspector asks you to touch your iPhone or Apple Watch on a reader, it will not be able to be read and you could be liable for a penalty fare."

TfL also advised users to tap in and out with the same device and alerted Apple Pay users that problems have been reported with the readers on entry and exit gates.



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