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Apple sued over iWatch trademark

Apple sued over iWatch trademark

It’s not been a great month for the Apple Watch. After a strong start, sales are reputedly down 90% and falling.

And Apple’s voyage into the wearables market hit even rougher seas today, with the news that the owner of the iWatch trademark has launched a legal action.

Irish Software-makers Probendi is arguing that even though Apple opted to brand its timepiece the ‘Apple Watch, it has used the term ‘iWatch’ on search engines to direct would-be customers to its wares.

Probendi, which has owned the trademark iWatch in the European Union since 2008, filed its petition in a Milan court on June 26th.

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Apple has yet to respond ahead of a hearing scheduled for November 11th, while Google has told Probendi’s lawyer that “they are not responsible for links”.

Interestingly in an interview with Bloomberg from last year, Probendi’s co-founder revealed the company was working on an smartwatch that would bear the ‘iWatch’ brand.

However, the smartwatch has apparently been mothballed for now, while the company embarks on what could be a protracted battle with Apple.



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