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Exclusive: More phones due from Motorola this year

Exclusive: More phones due from Motorola this year

Motorola has just launched its latest line-up of handsets, which are all due to arrive over the next coming months in what adds up to a pretty busy release schedule for the near future.

The new entry-level 4G Moto G phone is available now. And it's set to be followed by two new Moto X variants.

The 5.5-inch FHD Moto X Play is landing in August, and in September, a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen-based version is due along.

And it seems that yet more Moto phones are due before the year is out, according to Motorola Chief Marketing Officer Adrienne Hayes.

adrienne hayes motorola

Asked if as-yet-unannounced handsets are on the way from Motorola, she said: "There will be more news from Motorola this year."

Quite what the new phones will offer is anyone's guess. But the smart money must be on a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, which tech sites reported was rumoured to be a feature of the Moto X phones that debuted yesterday.

it's also possible that Hayes was referring to the next-generation Nexus phone, after Motorola manufactured last year's large-screen Nexus 6 for Google.

Alternatively she may not even have been talking about phones at all.

The wearables market is growing by each month. And with that in mind, Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch with its round screen could be due for an upgrade.

This time around it's likely to be without the gap at the bottom of the screen, which was heavily criticised in reviews.

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