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iOS 9 public beta available now

iOS 9 public beta available now

Apple has released the public beta of iOS 9, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to try out its recently revealed software update before it gets an official release in the autumn.

Unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last month, iOS 9 has been available to developers over the past few weeks.

This means any major problems should have been fixed, leaving you with something resembling the final build of the new operating system.

iOS 9 comes with a string of new features, including a beefed-up version of Siri which offers much deeper search capabilities and intuitive reminders along the same lines as Google Now.

Maps have been given a tweak too, with public transport directions at last being made part of the Apple Maps app. Until now, users have had to use third-party software to plot train and bus routes, or use a different mapping service altogether.

There’s improved security and the chance to split the screen on an iPad so you can easily see two apps at once.

Head to the Apple link below to sign up for the public beta programme and stick iOS 9 on your phone or tablet. It’s supported on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and higher, although older devices are likely to slow down once it’s installed.



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