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  5. iPhone 6 outsold iPhone 6 Plus by seven to one, figures reveal

iPhone 6 outsold iPhone 6 Plus by seven to one, figures reveal

 iPhone 6 outsold iPhone 6 Plus by seven to one, figures reveal

The standard iPhone 6 has outsold the iPhone 6S Plus by a huge margin, uSwitch Tech data reveals, in a sign of that Apple could have dramatically misjudged demand for an iDevice that blurred the line between iPhones and iPads.

Sales data from the launch of the iPhone 6 show that the standard 4.7-inch model has sold more than seven times as many units as the iPhone 6 Plus on uSwitch. And while we wouldn't claim to represent the whole market, as a mainstream technology site it's fair to assume our data offers a pretty accurate representation of smartphone sales across the UK.

The iPhone 6 Plus is priced the best part of £100 more than the iPhone 6. Or around £8-10 per month more on contracts.

However even taking into account the 6 Plus' higher asking price, the sheer size of the gap in sales is surprising and suggests that something else may have scared off would-be buyers.

iphone 6 plus landscape official

It’s not crystal-clear what this is. But it’s quite likely that iPhone faithful considered a 5.5-inch smartphone too big to be comfortable to use, despite Apple’s implementation of the Reachability mode.

This brought features at the top of the screen closer to the bottom of the display when users lightly tapped the home button.

Interestingly, unlike the iPhone 5C which overcame a slow start to become something of a sleeper hit, it seems the 6 Plus is still struggling to pick up buyers with just months to go until the next-gen iPhone 6S is set to launch.

iphone 5c slanted official

The 6 Plus’s relative underperformance suggests that the current-gen model could be the last time Apple brings to market a handset featuring its 5.5-inch form factor.

That's in contrast to speculation that we're in line for an iPhone 6S Plus that's doing the [rounds on tech blogs right now]((/mobiles/news/2015/05/iphone6sandiphone6splusrumoursspecspricereleasedateroundup/).

Conversely, it adds ballast to rumours that the iPhone 6S could be accompanied by a smaller handset, dubbed the iPhone 6C. Most likely with similar dimensions and build as the four-inch, polycarbonate iPhone 5C.

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