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  5. iPhone 6S: Is this the S upgrade worth buying?

iPhone 6S: Is this the S upgrade worth buying?

iPhone 6S: Is this the S upgrade worth buying?

Apple’s bi–annual 'S updates' are always more for the hardcore fans rather than floating voters.

Beefier processors, a few fancier specs and the odd new feature are generally all these 'holding pattern' phones bring to the table.

For that reason, until now it’s been hard to justify the jump unless your old handset is on its last legs.

However, the growing number of rumours surrounding the new iPhone suggest that Apple is pouring significant resources into raising the bar with its next device.

And that could mean it'll be worth chopping in a newer phone and making the move.

iphone 6s leak 9to5mac 2

It seems nailed on that the design of the iPhone 6S won’t change, at least not significantly.

Word is it may be a touch chubbier to accommodate a bigger battery, but all smartphone fans can get on board with that.

What’s more interesting is the talk of an all–new camera, one that grabs the ball and sprints away from the competition for a lot longer than the iPhone 6 managed.

There’s vague chat about ‘DSLR quality’. But leaving aside that somewhat specious claim, the reports emerging about the ability to shoot 4K video and record in 240 frames per second slow–mo are very intriguing.

iphone 6 plus camera detail

Apple is also well aware its front-facing shooter isn’t up to snuff too, and is said to be readying a new five-megapixel effort to appease selfie fans.

Then there’s Force Touch touchscreen tech, which detects pressure rather than just swipes and clears the way for a suite of new ways to interact with the iPhone 6S.

Cynics may claim Force Touch is little more than a new version of haptic feedback, but those who have used it know it can offer so much more.

force touch apple

If it makes the iPhone 6S more enticing, then once again there’s a reason to consider hitting up eBay and saying goodbye to your current mobile.

On the inside, plans for doubling the speed of the iPhone 6S’s 4G LTE suggest we’ll also be dealing with a much faster phone.

That, of course, is also network-dependent, but if you like snagging movies and quickly streaming music then it has to be reason to consider making the switch.

Of course, all of this is moot. The iPhone 6S is unlikely to break cover for another three months or so, in which time we should get a much clearer idea of Apple’s plans.

iphone 6 plus landscape official

But compared to previous S editions, this feels less gimmicky and more interesting.

If you’ve been thinking about saving for one, maybe now’s the time to start.

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