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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus photos leak online

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus photos leak online

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus photos leak online

Photos showing Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy smartphones have purportedly surfaced online, giving us our best look so far at just how the phone-maker plans to make good on the Galaxy S6’s Edge’s warm critical and commercial reception.

The images of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 show the handsets running the latest 5.1.1 version of Android, seemingly all but confirming that the freshly baked software will be installed from launch.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus images also seem to corroborate the rumour that, apart from featuring a larger screen, the phone will look largely unchanged and will come in an iridescent gold colourway.

samsung galaxy note 5 mobile fun 4

Assuming the photos are the real deal, Samsung’s 2015 edition of the Note, meanwhile, sticks fairly fast to the design template of the Galaxy S6. That means it’s dropping the last-gen Note 4’s opinion-splitting leatherette rear coating for an all-glass and metal build.

What we can’t discern from the photos is whether there's any truth in reports that the Note 5 will follow the Galaxy range’s lead and dispense with a removable back.

Alas, it’s also impossible to tell whether whispers are true that microSD card support is being removed.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus mobile fun 2

Interestingly, though, the images do appear to show a screen with EE branding. So it’s fair to assume that particular network will be ranging them from the get-go.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Note 5 in August, having reportedly ditched its regular launch date in September in a bid to hoover up sales before the arrival of the iPhone 6S.

Depending on who you believe, the S6 Edge Plus could make an appearance at the same time. Or could be along a bit later, once the hype around the iPhone 6S has died down.


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