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Samsung Pay testing starts in Korea

Samsung Pay testing starts in Korea

Samsung has begun trialling its much–touted mobile payments service on home ground, it has emerged, in the week that Apple Pay went live in the UK.

According to reports, Samsung Pay has been loaded up onto a select number of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets in Korea, with users able to stump up for items using the contactless tech inside.

Samsung’s platform is very similar to Apple's. Load up your card details, hold your phone over a payment terminal and you can check out without having to bust out your wallet.

There are, however, a few key areas where Samsung Pay differs. For one, the company is set to offer the chance to pay without using contactless Near Field Communications (NFC) tech if it’s not available.

It bought out a payment system called LoopPay earlier this year, which allows users to pay using older terminals that utilise magnetic strips rather than NFC. The payment process remains the same.

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge owners will also be able to choose between authenticating payments via their devices’ fingerprint scanners or by inputting a PIN.

The gadget-maker has been keen to stress how secure Samsung Pay, taking great pains to talk up its Samsung KNOX software that tracks malicious payments.

However, offering PIN authentication does open up Samsung to security concerns, especially when Apple Pay only offers the chance to pay via fingerprint.

There’s no word yet on a global rollout of Samsung Pay. But with the company’s Galaxy Note 5 due next month, expect to hear more then.



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