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  5. Apple plotting its own mobile network

Apple plotting its own mobile network

Apple plotting its own mobile network

Apple is working on launching its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), with the California company already testing the service in the United States. That’s the word from ‘sources close to Apple’ who've shared the plans with Business Insider.

What’s more, Apple is said to be in talks with European networks about launching on this side of the Atlantic too.

The sources claim that such a network will allow users to buy a monthly contract directly from Apple, with a connected iPhone using an Apple SIM capable of switching between networks in order to offer the best signal.

However, don’t expect Apple to launch its MVNO alongside the iPhone 6S next month. Word is it’s looking long term with this project, with a five year timeframe mooted for a full launch.

Apple already offers its own SIM for its iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, allowing users to switch between data contracts without having to change SIM cards when they do so.

The news comes as stories emerge about plans for an iCloud Voicemail service which will transcribe messages using Siri. Such a tool would play neatly into an Apple MVNO, cutting out the need for consumers to access their voicemails via their network and allowing Apple to control the entire smartphone ecosystem.


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