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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might get UK release next year

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might get UK release next year

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might get UK release next year

Fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note range smarting from the news that the just-announced Galaxy Note 5 won’t get a UK release got a bit of hope to cling to today amid signs that the phone might still make it to Blighty. But not this year.

UPDATED: Samsung has just issued an official statement, which seems to confirm that the company's plans for the phone are under review. Check out the statement in full at the foot of the page.

We checked with a senior Samsung rep at the UK press event for the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and were told that the chances of the Note 5 tipping up on these shores in 2015 are slim to none.

However, another rep said that there’s a chance it might pop up in the release schedules next year. Presumably, the decision will depend on how the phone is received in markets that is getting it.

The Note 5, which was one of year’s most anticipated handsets, is set to drop in Asia and the US in August.

Assuming Samsung sticks to its guns and doesn’t release the phone in the UK, your only option is likely to be to bite the bullet and pay a premium price to pick it up on import.

Alternatively, if you can get yourself organised and petition Samsung to change its heart, you might just be able to swing things.

For proof, check how fanboys successfully campaigned for a release for the Galaxy Note Edge, despite Samsung’s insistence that was only ever destined to be a prototype.


Samsung stated: “The market availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will vary according to consumer needs and the specific market situation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be introduced in the US and Asian markets in August and we will look at further opportunities to launch the Galaxy Note 5 in other markets.

“With the launch of the original Galaxy Note series in 2011, we created a whole new smart device category that set a new industry standard, which all others have followed. For our European customers, Samsung’s portfolio will be centred on the Galaxy S6 edge+, so as to better cater to their needs.”

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