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  5. Three Feel at Home roaming scheme saves customers £330 per year, claims carrier

Three Feel at Home roaming scheme saves customers £330 per year, claims carrier

Three Feel at Home roaming scheme saves customers £330 per year, claims carrier

Three’s free roaming Feel at Home scheme delivers savings of £330 year to each customer, the carrier claims, as it touts its value-adding sweetener during peak holiday season.

Feel at Home enables Three customers to use their phones and tablets abroad for no extra charge. It works by effectively extending the reach of their UK allowance of minutes, texts and data to 18 overseas locations, which now include Britons' favourite holiday hotspots Spain and France.

According to Three, since the introduction of the scheme in 2013 subscribers have saved a total of £1.3 billion, with 538,000 people benefiting from Feel at Home during August and September alone.

Interestingly, Three claims that the average customer gets through 500MB of data per trip overseas. That’s a not inconsiderable amount, given that the average UK contract features a monthly download limit of around 2GB.

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Lianne Norry, director of brand & comms at Three, said: “Three was the first UK network to allow customers to use their phones abroad at no extra cost, to banish bill-shock and improve peoples’ holiday experiences. We continue to lead the way in making roaming charges fairer.

"The fact that we’ve saved our customers a whopping £1.3 billion proves the true extent of the great roaming rip-off, people are being treated unfairly by other networks, so we will continue to make it right for them with Feel at Home.”

Three’s push for Feel at Home comes after EE sweetened its roaming terms for customers earlier in the summer with the launch of the Euro Pass for subscribers on standard EE contracts. Priced £4 per day, this entitles Britons travelling in Europe to unlimited calls and texts and a data allowance.

Meanwhile, Vodafone recently extended the reach of its WorldTraveller and EuroTraveller scheme to 70 locations worldwide.

Like Feel at Home, Vodafone’s travel add-ons afford users the chance to use their UK allowances overseas. However, EuroTraveller carries a £3 daily premium, while WorldTraveller will set you back £5 per day.

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