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Amazon Fire phone discontinued

Amazon Fire phone discontinued

Amazon has stopped selling its much maligned Fire Phone, just a year after the device went on sale.

The company says it sold out its inventory last month and that there would be no more units available for consumers to buy.

It’s unlikely many will mourn the loss of a smartphone that was cumbersome, ugly and awkward to use. As well as a poor version of the forked Android software already used in its Fire HD tablets, Amazon made a big play of its 3D viewing smarts and Firefly object scanning.

The latter raised the hackles of privacy campaigners, after it was revealed pictures taken using the dedicated Firefly button were automatically stored on Amazon’s servers. While Amazon said users could log on to their online accounts to delate images, it was not possible via the handset.

Firefly was supposed to make selling things to customers even easier for Amazon. But the woeful software and budget hardware meant that it was always doomed to fail.

The 3D ‘dynamic perspective’ feature, too was a cheap gimmick that did little to enhance the user experience.

It was recently reported that Amazon has ended plans to release any other smartphones in the future, with staff working on the device laid off.

Source GeekWire

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