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Android Pay coming in the "next few weeks"

Android Pay coming in the "next few weeks"

It was rumoured to land at the end of August, but now we have more news on when Android Pay will be here. And it's soon – in the "next few weeks" according to Google.

Open the Google Wallet app, and you'll see the message: "Coming soon! Android Pay and a new Google Wallet. In the next few weeks, Wallet's most popular features will move to 2 simpler apps."

Click the accompanying link, and you'll see an FAQ page explaining what's going on. Basically, Google Wallet will split into Android Pay, and a new, redesigned Google Wallet app.

If you already have Google Wallet, you'll be updated to Android Pay without having to do anything. Google Wallet will then appear as a separate app in Google Play.

Your loyalty and gift cards will be transferred from Google Wallet to Android Pay. You can also download them as PDFs.

Android Pay is Google's version of Apple Pay. It works the same, using the NFC chip in your phone to make contactless payments when you touch your handset against the card reader.

Your credit and debit card details are kept anonymous thanks to a virtual account number that you're assigned.

Google Wallet will effectively become a money transfer app to make way for Android Pay.


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