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  5. iOS 9: top five glitches and problems to watch out for

iOS 9: top five glitches and problems to watch out for

iOS 9: top five glitches and problems to watch out for

With every operating system upgrade there are inevitably bugs that don’t get caught during closed testing - and Apple’s iOS9 is no exception.

Here are some annoying bugs and glitches to look out for when you download the new OS.

1 Slide to upgrade

ios 9 update bug

Let’s start with some good news: this bug seems to have been fixed. Sort of.

Some users may find that the slide to upgrade screen on their iPhone or iPad doesn’t disappear even after they’ve slid to upgrade.

This leaves them with iOS 9 installed on a completely unusable device - so the official advice from Apple is to force a restart and restore your device from your back-up (you know, the back-up you definitely made before you upgraded to iOS 9).

You won’t have iOS9, but you will have a phone or tablet you can actually use. Apple reckons it will fix this issue for good in a future update, so you’ll have to carry on with iOS 8 until then.

2 Game Center doesn’t work

game center

Annoyed gaming fans have been reporting that iOS 9 borked their Game Center - Apple’s app that collates your scores and achievements in games played on your iKit.

Opening the Game Center app, they’re stuck with a blank page. Heading to the Settings app to try signing in and out results in users hanging for ages while it tries to connect.

Games on their devices are also failing to connect to Game Center.

Unfortunately, there’s no known cure at this point, although Apple is now aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Your options are to either avoid using Game Center (or playing any game that you want to save your achievements from). Or restore your device to your latest iOS8 back up and avoid iOS9 until Apple issues a proper fix.

3 Mobile data toggle keeps slipping back to ‘off’

cellular data toggle

Some apps that use data in the background, such as Spotify or Apple Wallet, give you the option to connect using your mobile data rather than just connecting when you have Wi-Fi access.

Thousands of iOS9 users have found that this option doesn’t work, though - switching ‘use mobile data’ (sometimes presented as ‘use cellular data’) just doesn’t take with the switch toggling back to off.

It doesn’t look like there’s a solution to this particular problem yet, other than to revert back to iOS8.

4 Wi-Fi doesn’t work

wifi hotspots

It’s not just mobile data that’s causing consternation among iOS 9 users - Wi-Fi is proving to be a bit of a problem too.

Many upgraded iPhones and iPads seem to be struggling to connect to Wi-Fi networks even with the correct passwords in place.

Some people’s problems have been solved by resetting their network settings (which you can do from within the Settings app) but some still have the same problem afterwards.

Again, it seems like there’s not much you can do about this one other than wait for Apple to issue a patch.

5 Contacts don’t show up in Spotlight searches

ios 9 spotlight search

Apple has souped up its Spotlight search capabilities in iOS9 - to access this, slide down from the top of your device screen and a search box will pop up.

However, it seems that not all contacts are showing up as search results for all users.

This might be fixed by heading into Settings and open Contacts, click on Groups and choose to ‘hide all contacts’ then switch back to ‘show all contacts’.

It doesn’t sound like this workaround solves the problem for everyone, though.

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