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iOS 9: why massive take-up will drown out complaints over update

iOS 9: why massive take-up will drown out complaints over update

It could be the new Spotlight search smarts. Maybe its the nifty News aggregator. Or perhaps it’s the slick new fonts. Whatever users like about iOS 9, they seemingly can’t help themselves.

Apple says that more than 50% of compatible devices are now running the software, despite it only getting an official release on September 16th.

That number is likely to be higher already, given that the 50% figure stems from Apple's analysis of its App Store back on September 19th.

move to ios 9 background

You could take these numbers at face value. But being Apple, there’s more to it than simply offering a tighter, richer experience than it did with the previous edition of its operating system.

One of the key reasons behind iOS 9's spectacular success is Apple's willingness to allow the platform onto older devices.

Until this year, the cut-off point was always phones and tablets that were up to three years old. Now it’s up to four.

Try installing iOS 9 on an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 and you’re likely to wind up with a device that feels like it requires winding up manually prior to use.

ios 9 spotlight search

But clearly users of those devices are keen to try the new platform, hence the number of users is higher than last year.

Of course, there are other, more calculated reasons for Apple releasing news about iOS 9’s success ahead of the iPhone 6S release on Friday.

It is well aware that users have been decrying the platform for bricking their phones, a failure to upgrade when prompted, issues with Game Centre, Wi–Fi and mobile data niggles and problems with Spotlight contacts.

It’s already issued a fix for the slide to upgrade snafu.

Apple fights these problems with new iOS releases every year. And while last year’s woes were far worse, it knows that it needs a positive news story to drown out the number of complaints clogging up discussion boards and comments sections.

Step forward the revelation about 50% of users now enjoying iOS 9.

android fragmentation 2

Of course, this doesn’t detract from the fact that iOS is in far better shape than Android when it comes to overall installation numbers. Yes, Google’s OS is fragmented across scores of devices.

But an installation rate of just 21% for Android Lollipop, released a year ago, is shocking by comparison. It’s easier for Apple to control updates, therefore it’s easier for them to shout about them when they’re a success.

This won’t be the end of it either. When Apple reveals sales figures for the iPhone 6S’s opening weekend, don’t be surprised if iOS 9 installation has surged towards 75%.

Or if Apple sings from the rooftops about it.

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