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  5. iPad Pro: Five things you need to know

iPad Pro: Five things you need to know

iPad Pro: Five things you need to know

It's been rumoured for months, but now it's here. The iPad Pro is the biggest iPad Apple has ever made, and it has a range of accessories that make it as useful as a laptop.

But what can it do? How much does it cost? And when can you get your hands on one? Read on for all the details.

1 Big screen

ipad pro

The screen stands a mammoth 12.9 inches across diagonally.

This is much bigger than the 9.7-inch display on the iPad Air 2. In fact, its width is the same as the height of the screen on the Air 2, meaning it can run apps optimised for the smaller slate with more room either side.

The resolution of 2,732x2,048 pixels gives it a pixel per inch count of 264ppi, which is the same as the Air 2.

In other words, it will look as bright and sharp as the iPad Air 2, but at a much bigger size. Films are going to look amazing.

2 Plenty of power

ipad pro a9x processor

Of course, a massive screen isn't much good if there's not much power under the bonnet. Thankfully, the iPad Pro has it in spades.

It's powered by the A9X chip, a 64-bit processor which is 1.8 times faster than the A8X it replaces.

According to Apple, this will offer desktop performance. Which is handy, considering the Pro is aimed at creative professionals who will run processor-intensive graphics and music programs.

The iPad has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced: graphical performance has improved 360 times since the first model.

Apple claims the iPad Pro is faster than 80 per cent of portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months.

3 Build and sound

ipad pro pencil side

Despite its gargantuan size, it's not too fat or heavy. It weighs 1.57lbs (713g) and measures up at 6.9mm thick – that's the same as the iPhone 6, and actually slightly slimmer than the iPhone 6S.

It's also the first iPad with four speakers, and it balances left and right depending how you hold it. It goes loud too – three times as loud as the iPad Air 2, in fact.

Perfect for sharing your love of Carly Rae Jepsen with everyone on the bus.

4 Accessories

ipad pro keyboard

Apple dispelled any doubt about this being a real challenger to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 by announcing two accessories which ape the Surface's.

The first is a Smart Keyboard, a case that doubles as a full QWERTY keyboard.

It protects the screen when folded up, and connects to the device using a new connector on the side called the Smart Connector.

The second accessory was the much-rumoured stylus, Apple Pencil. It works just like a real pencil – the screen sensors detect position, force and tilt.

Press lightly for a thin stroke and harder for a darker, thicker stroke.

5 Price and release date

ipad pro and more at launch

The iPad Pro will be available in November, but Apple still hasn't set a UK price. In the US, it will start at $799 for the 32GB model.

The Apple Pencil will cost $99, and the Smart Keyboard $169. We'll update this story as soon as we get UK pricing.

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