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iPhone 6S 32GB ruled out: Is Apple missing a trick with its storage options?

iPhone 6S 32GB ruled out: Is Apple missing a trick with its storage options?

As the official launch of the iPhone 6S hoves into view, a final flurry of rumours have started doing the rounds.

But the one that has perhaps caught the eye the most, beyond talk of Force Touch, an improved camera and, whisper it, a smaller battery, is news that Apple may be considering a 32GB version of its new handset.

Tim Cook and co controversially ditched that mid–range option last year, instead offering no intermediate device between the 16GB and 64GB offerings.

apple invite 2015 iphone 6s smaller

Potential owners bemoaned the lack of what many saw as a sweet spot device.

But that didn’t stop Apple selling iPhones in record numbers in the quarter up to Christmas, with many plumping for the larger 64GB model over the smaller 16GB one.

In recent days, Chinese social media has been buzzing with talk that Apple was set to ditch the 16GB model and instead offer a 32GB one as its entry level version.

However, new reports, citing ubiquitous supply chain sources, now say that that’s not the case and that Apple will stick with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options. Price points are set to stay the same.

iphone 6 large side on

If that seems a touch short-sighted, that’s because it is. 16GB is simply not enough to handle offline streaming tracks, hefty apps, downloaded video and a rich operating system.

This writer opted for one and the regret was almost instant. Constant reminders about lack of space abound.

Apple did go some way to fixing these issues by making iOS 8 smaller, and things should get even better with iOS 9.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that 32GB is a sweet spot for most.

Apple clearly wants to sell more capacious devices, in order to sell more apps and access to its cloud services.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c family (official)

But it could easily do that by keeping the 64GB and 128GB option and adding a 32GB one.

The smaller, older iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S fulfil the role of smaller smartphone already.

Why should users of the top–end device not get the storage space (the cost of which continues to plummet) and therefore the room to add more apps and offline more songs from Apple Music, making Apple money in the process?

Trying to find the logic in Apple’s move is hard. It’s difficult to see it as a maverick move, like ditching floppy discs or moving to USB–C.

apple logo building

Rather, not having offering a 32GB iPhone feels like a way of asking consumers to stump up more for a bigger handset.

Surely the 32GB iPhone 6S would sell better than any other. Here’s hoping that these latest rumours are off the mark and Apple finally sees sense.

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