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  5. iPhone 6S 3D Force Touch patent unearthed

iPhone 6S 3D Force Touch patent unearthed

iPhone 6S 3D Force Touch patent unearthed

An Apple patent filing been discovered that appears to refer to 3D Force Touch, adding fresh detail to what we know of the updated touch-sensitive tech that's due to appear in the new iPhone 6S.

The filing from July this year, which was unearthed by Patently Apple, makes direct reference to pressure being measured as the “sum of three components.”

A separate report earlier this week suggested that as well as being able to distinguish between a tap and a press, as on the MacBook and Apple Watch, Cupertino would add a third layer of pressure-sensitivity to the iPhone version of Force Touch.

This so–called 'deep press', which just means you'll be depressing the screen for longer, should give access to different features compared to a standard swipe or press.

The inclusion of Force Touch in the iPhone 6S has been mooted for months.

The tech’s existence in other Apple products has already given an indication of what we can expect, but these last-minute rumours suggest we may be getting something a bit richer than previously thought.

Apple will reveal its new iPhones at a special event on September 9th in San Francisco.


Patently Apple

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