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  5. iPhone 6S hits no 2 in smartphone sales charts on pre-orders alone

iPhone 6S hits no 2 in smartphone sales charts on pre-orders alone

iPhone 6S hits no 2 in smartphone sales charts on pre-orders alone

The iPhone 6S is the UK’s second most popular smartphone on pre-order demand alone, uSwitch sales and search data reveals, despite the fact it’s not set to hit stores until tomorrow.

In an impressive one-two punch for Apple, the iPhone 6S was only beaten to the top spot by the iPhone 6, which has been sitting pretty in the number-one position in uSwitch Tech's Mobile Tracker for months.

The tech giant is also present and correct at position four with the iPhone 5S, which is now two years old. That's several centuries in smartphone years.

iphone 5c slanted official

At number 6 there’s an appearance for the low-cost, now-deleted iPhone 5C, which continues to sell well despite being lambasted by tech fans and reviewers in the months after it launched.

The iPhone 6 Plus pops up at number seven. And in news that may surprise some, the iPhone 6S Plus just squeezes into the chart at position ten.

However, given the slow sales of the similarly priced and proportioned iPhone 6 Plus compared with the iPhone 6, that was widely expected at uSwitch Towers.

All the other spots on the chart were occupied by Samsung, with the Galaxy S6 leading the line for the phone-maker in third place. And bringing up the rear is the Galaxy S6 Edge (no 5), the Galaxy S5 (no 8) and the Galaxy Note 4 (no 9).

samsung galaxy s6 official large

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, said: “The early popularity of the iPhone 6s shows people have no problems investing in Apple off-plan.

“Not even last year’s ‘bendgate’ – when some new owners found that keeping their phones in their pockets resulted in a curved handset – has put people off being among the first to own the latest iPhone."

He added: ”With queues already starting to form outside Apple’s flagship stores, and staggering social media hype too, it won’t be long until the iPhone 6s rocks to the top of the list.

“If anyone can convince people they need the most expensive new smartphone on the market, it’s Tim Cook’s crack team.”

The Mobile Tracker collates and aggregates all clicks and sales across uSwitch Tech's mobile phones channel.

# Handset Powered by Movement
1 Apple iPhone 6 iOS No Change
2 Apple iPhone 6s iOS New Entry
3 Samsung Galaxy S6 Android ↓ Down one
4 Apple iPhone 5s iOS ↓ Down one
5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android ↓ Down one
6 Apple iPhone 5c iOS ↓ Down one
7 Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS ↓ Down one
8 Samsung Galaxy S5 Android ↓ Down one
9 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android ↓ Down one
10 Apple iPhone 6s Plus iOS New Entry
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