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LG V10 teased with second screen

LG V10 teased with second screen

LG has teased a new smartphone called the V10.

Though the video makes no mention of it, it's thought to have a secondary 'ticker' display used for notifications and other alerts. That's according to serial leakster @evleaks.

The teaser is just that – 15 seconds of vague 'Be yourself' flimflam designed to stir up interest in the phone. But it does give away some information about the handset.

For a start, it shows a step design on the back, housing the dual-lens camera.

It also reveals the launch date of October 1st, with a time of 11am. So no surprises when the launch event will take place.

The first part of the video also shows a glimpse of the side of the phone – albeit a blurry one – which appears to have a swooping lip leading up to its top edge.

October 1st is next Thursday, so there are only six days to go until we know all the details.

Despite still being months away from launch, some specs of the LG G5 have already leaked. Yesterday we learned that it could well sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip and a 20-megapixel camera.

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