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  5. Periscope app set for for new Apple TV

Periscope app set for for new Apple TV

Periscope app set for for new Apple TV

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, is set to be among the first apps to make the jump from iPhone and iPad to the new Apple TV.

Apple is believed to be readying a revamped version of its set top box, which will offer third-party apps for the first time. According to sources speaking with TechCrunch, Periscope will be one of these at launch.

The exact details of how Periscope will work on the big screen are not yet clear. But it doesn’t take a tech genius to work out that streaming live clips from an iPhone to an Apple TV will be relatively straightforward and hugely appealing to existing users.

Twitter, Facebook and other social apps are likely to make the move from the App Store on your phone to the one on your telly.

Likewise, games are set to be a big deal, with the new box’s remote control offering motion sensitivity and the potential to act as a gaming controller.

Apple will also reveal its new iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and updated iPad range alongside the Apple TV at a special event in San Francisco this evening.



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