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uSwitch exclusive: iPad Pro photos and video renders confirm 12.9” screen and four speakers

uSwitch exclusive: iPad Pro photos and video renders confirm 12.9” screen and four speakers

The iPad Pro will feature a whopping 12.9-inch screen and four speakers, leaked renders have confirmed.

The renders are based on detailed blueprints of Apple’s super-slate that were sent to third-party accessory-manufacturers ahead of the launch of new gadgets. The plans are then used by case-makers and the like to ensure the accessories they create are compatible with yet-to-be-released devices.

ipad pro leak 1

The renders, which were sourced by @Onleaks AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer from on behalf of uSwitch Tech, show two 'iPad Pros', either of which could be the final design.

One is based on blueprints from December 2014. But there's also a more recent one from June 2015. And there are subtle differences between them.

We can’t say for sure which are the definitive plans. But given that some features and specs are shared across both sets of renders, there are more than a few things we think you can be certain of.

ipad pro leak 4

Not least is that the iPad Pro will indeed pack the 12.9-inch screen that’s been mooted to feature for months. The inclusion of four single raw speakers also seems nailed on, as well as the headphone jack on the top edge of the tablet.

If it’s the older plans that are the real ones, the iPad Pro will also pack the same volume buttons as the most recent, smaller iPads, as well as a microphone instead of a lock switch and a second microphone next to the rear camera.

Measurements for the iPad Pro from these older renders suggest a pretty slimline device, with dimensions that run to 305.7 x 222.6 x 7.2mm.

ipad pro leak 9

However, if the newer plans from 2015 are correct, it’ll feature a lock switch, a power button on the top edge, two microphones on the centre/top back and the centre/top edge and a headphone jack at the top edge. Here the measurements are listed as 305.7 x 222.8 x 8mm.

The keen-eyed among you will notice that the home button and logo are missing from both sets of renders. But you can rest assured they’ll be present and correct when the device hits the market, our source tells us.

Much more of interest is that neither device appears to feature a Samsung Galaxy Note-style slot for the stylus that's mooted to come with the iPad Pro. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't feature, though.

ipad pro leak 6

Which renders are more accurate is something of a moot point. Given that the December set of plans feature elements of newer iPad design and outline a thinner device, logic dictates they're probably more accurate.

Conversely, it's possible that the later plans are for a thicker device because a Force Touch display has been added in the meantime.

Either way, it looks we'll find out on September 9th when Apple is expected to lift the lid on the iPad Pro, along with new iPhones and a revamped Apple TV.

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