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  5. Apple sued over iOS Wi–Fi Assist tool

Apple sued over iOS Wi–Fi Assist tool

Apple sued over iOS Wi–Fi Assist tool

Apple is facing up to another day in court, although this time it doesn’t relate to the breach of patents.

A California couple has filed a class action lawsuit relating to iOS 9’s Wi–Fi Assist tool, saying it eats into data allowances and causes mobile bills to skyrocket as a result.

Wi–Fi Assist, which is turned on automatically on iOS, allows users to drop back onto their mobile network when a wireless broadband connection becomes patchy. In theory, this means no sluggish downloads or waiting an age for a video to buffer.

However, Scott Phillips and Susan Schmidt Phillips say that Apple does not make it clear enough that this will eat into users’ data allowance, a major issue for those who do not have unlimited plans.

The Phillips’ say Apple’s online explainer about Wi–Fi Assist came too late and was not explicit enough. They say many users remain unaware that the feature exists.

While the $5 million damages being sought may not harm Apple’s bottom line, the case could cause major embarrassment across the mobile industry, with most manufacturers offering a similar feature.

If you have a capped data plan and are using an iPhone with iOS 9, you can switch off Wi–Fi Assist in the Settings app.


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