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HTC One A9: Five things you need to know

HTC One A9: Five things you need to know

HTC’s One A9 might have just got its official unveiling. But the Taiwanese mobile-maker’s newest device has been all over the web in recent weeks, with a series of leaked images showing off its sleek design.

Now though, we’ve got a much clearer idea of what it can do and when you’ll be able to lay your hands on one.

Keen to snap one up? Or just want to check whether it matches up to your iPhone or Galaxy S6?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the HTC One A9.

1 Android Marshmallow from the off

android marshmallow google

HTC has made a big play of the fact that it has included Google’s new Android Marshmallow in the One A9.

That makes it the first major non–Nexus phone to come with the freshly toasted software and should give rivals such as Samsung, LG and Sony plenty to think about.

Only released officially last month, Android 6.0 offers improved battery efficiency and tweaked app permissions aimed at quelling concerns over Google’s privacy record.

2 And updates in just 15 days

htc one a9 multi angle

In a PR gambit which could work wonders, HTC’s US boss revealed that the One A9 would be receiving the newest version of Android within 15 days of Google rolling it out to Nexus phones and tablets.

That means small, iterative updates should arrive on the One A9 weeks, if not months, before rivals.

There are concerns, though, that this may be a US-only policy, and one designed to deflect attention from older kit which isn’t getting Marshmallow in good time.

3 iPhone–style looks

htc one a9 colours

Even before its launch, plenty was said about the One A9’s iPhone 6s–aping looks.

Now we’ve seen the official model, it’s harder than ever to shake the feeling that it has been more than a little inspired by Jony Ive’s creation.

It’s not just the all–metal frame. Although that's the most obvious point of comparison.

There’s also the antenna bands on the back which look all too familiar. The buttons and button placements too are just like those on the iPhone.

Don’t be surprised to see Apple making complaints about this in the next few days.

4 Spec–heavy

qualcomm snapdragon generic

HTC might not have used the snappiest Qualcomm chip in the One A9. But it’s still an octa-core effort which will keep things moving at rapid pace.

The 13-megapixel camera uses the company’s Zoe tech while the front–facing camera features HTC’s Ultra Pixel smarts.

There’s a fingerprint scanner for added security, fast charging via the HTC Rapid Charger 2.0 and a whopping 2TB of expandable memory.

5 Out in November

carphone warehouse large

Contract prices are yet to be revealed, but HTC’s One A9 will go on sale early in November. EE, Vodafone and O2 have all signed up for launch.

With plenty of rival devices on offer, expect competitive prices and freebies to sweeten the deal.

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