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  5. iPhone 6S's water resistant smarts point to fully waterproof iPhone 7

iPhone 6S's water resistant smarts point to fully waterproof iPhone 7

iPhone 6S's water resistant smarts point to fully waterproof iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 6S launch has been a huge success. That much is obvious.

Despite reviews suggesting the device isn’t the major update the company claims and a series of complaints about overheating and issues with Touch ID, 13 million new iPhones were sold over the devices’ opening weekend, a new record.

Now though, a new feature points towards the device being more desirable than first thought: water-resistance.

Last week, YouTube clips emerged of the iPhone 6S surviving a dunking in cold water.

Now a teardown of the new handset by Apple-obsessives iFixit proves that Cupertino has used silicone sealant around internal components and fitted a gasket around the edge of the device.

While external connections are not protected, key parts of the device which break after being exposed to water are.

It all confirms what was known anecdotally in the wake of the device’s launch. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can resist water.

sony xperia z5 waterproof

In itself, this isn’t that big a deal. Sony and Samsung have offered waterproof phones for ages.

But the iPhone’s huge popularity is likely to make this a big draw, even if the company won’t confirm its existence in order to prevent users trying out the feature and finding it’s not fully waterproof.

However, the thought of splashing or dipping your phone accidentally and it not dying a death is likely to appeal to clumsy users who have so far steered clear of Apple’s notoriously fragile kit.

It also points to what we can expect from the next generation iPhone.

Apple already has a slew of waterproof patents and is clearly testing the waters (ahem) with this latest update.

sony xperia z3 compact waterproof

2016’s kit is likely to come replete with full waterproofing, years after rivals admittedly, but doubtless given an Apple sheen to make it more appealing to the mass market.

For now, water resistance will have to do. It’s not perfect by any means and should not be tested unless you’ve got money to burn.

But reading your iPhone will sitting on the loo just became a whole lot safer.

Apple may not play up this feature, but expect it to drive sales even further as news begins to seep out on social media.

iphone 6s deal triplicate

Even if there are niggles, it’s hidden extras like this that keep consumers coming back for more.

It’s not a new feature in smartphone land, but as ever, once Apple gets on board, it is now a mainstream one.

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