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EE Capture Cam goes on sale

EE Capture Cam goes on sale

EE's Capture Cam is going on sale today, giving life-loggers further options beyond market-leader GoPro's range of body-mounted cameras.

Similar to the network’s GoPro–style Action Cam, the capture cam is designed to shoot stills and video while being worn, allowing users to share reams of footage and photos they otherwise wouldn’t take with their smartphones.

It has an eight-megapixel sensor for snaps and can shoot Full HD video. However for streaming, the Capture Cam drops down to 720p HD so you can livestream video without massively hitting your data allowance.

EE has also unveiled a special app, called Skeegle, which will house video and clips. There’s also a standalone Capture Cam app for remote control and the chance to download your handiwork.

You can snare the Capture Cam on contract for £10 a month including 1GB data, rising to £15 for 2GB. A £10 charge will be levied on non–EE customers to cover the upfront cost of the device. Contracts last for two years.

You can also buy the Capture Cam outright. It’s £130 for the camera and 2GB of data, rising to £150 for 6GB and £200 for 24GB.



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