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Future iPhone display plans revealed

Future iPhone display plans revealed

Apple will start equipping iPhones with OLED screens from 2018, according to a report from Japan.

Nikkei claims that Apple will make the move to improve the sharpness of displays on its flagship product. Apple currently uses LCD screens and has done so since the first iPhone, released in early 2007.

The change means that Apple will likely deepen its relationship with LG and Samsung, with both Korean firms looking to ramp up OLED production in order to fulfil demand.

Making the switch could hit Apple’s LCD suppliers, including Japan’s Sharp. However, it is claimed that Apple will continue to offer some iPhones with LCD, largely because OLED is expensive to manufacture on a large scale.

OLED screens, however, are more flexible and don’t affect battery life as much as LCDs. That means Apple could tweak the design of the iPhone more easily and potentially offer devices that run for far longer on smaller batteries.



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